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Strategic Planning

Helping companies develop, and implement winning strategies, offering support and capability building at every stage of the strategic journey.

Business Unit Strategy We enable our clients to truly beat the market by helping them discover the direction, will, and capability to make the necessary changes to their approach to strategic planning.

Corporate Strategy To support enterprise-level management, we help clients optimize the mix of businesses in their portfolio, allocate the right resources to support the portfolio, and strengthen the processes they use for strategy development and execution.

Global Forces To succeed, companies must have the foresight to adapt to the rapidly changing global business landscape. We help clients define strategies that take advantage of and benefit from global forces likely to disrupt and reshape their operating environment—both near term and long term.

Growth We have a unique perspective on what it takes to achieve profitable growth. We help clients choose the right kind of growth strategy by taking an unusually fine-grained approach to identifying growth opportunities.

Innovation Driving growth through a steady stream of innovation over time requires much more than great ideas. We help clients apply strategic and analytic rigor to the creative process so that they can innovate at scale.

Reputation, Government, and Regulatory Strategy Current and potential regulations put over 30 percent EBITDA at risk in many industries, and companies that proactively engage with government and regulators are significantly more successful at achieving their preferred outcomes. Our approach helps clients develop and manage a regulatory strategy to shape potential regulation and protect economic value.

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