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  Renwick & Company Relaunch of its Revamped Website

Several years ago, the Company designed a website which is informative for all stakeholders – the company, our suppliers, customers and potential suppliers.  Over the years the company has evolved to keep up with opportunities in the market as well as to provide exceptional value for our customers.

One such change the Company is delighted to announce is the revamp of the website with the assistance of the Advanced Intellectual Methods (AIM) team. The new website gives a fresh and updated look and feel to the RENCO online presence as well as access to the companies Social media Platforms. This is just phase one of this project as the Sales & Marketing team are getting set to participate in a strategic social media marketing workshop facilitated by AIM in April.  The expectations at the end of the two half day sessions will be to arrive at the way forward for managing the company’s Digital and social media platforms more effectively for both our brands and the company.  There are lots of ideas being discussed for revamping our marketing tools to include on line purchasing.

For a closer look at the RENCO new website and to keep in touch with what’s all the new and exciting activities we have set for our 50th Anniversary log onto to http://www.renwicksaintlucia.com/

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